Yoga Talk: The Only Way In Is Out

We are starting a new tradition of talking about yoga related topics every first Sunday of the month, for all of you curious yoga practitioners or teachers who wish to explore new territories and establish a wide context, in order to take the practice you regularly do on the yoga mat to the next level.
Expect an informal talk which allows space for conversation, and hopefully inspires us to find ways to incorporate the ancient wisdom into our own lives.

This time we’ll talk about the essence of yoga which is an internal process, looking into a very famous Sutra (aphorism) from the „Yoga Sutras of Patanjali“ which gives a basic definition of what the yoga process is – „Yoga citta vrtti nirodah“. We will discuss it, as well as other sources from the yoga tradition, as it relates to our practice and everyday life.
How does our psyche function and how does it effect our thought process and actions? How can we use the mind as a tool for cultivating more peace and joy into our lives?

Price: Donation based (Suggestion 3-10€)

Leading the conversation:
Oren Zaslavsky