Workshop special: Yoga and essential oils

JOIN us for an end of the year special.
In this 2 hour workshop, we are honoring the old and preparing for the new.

The year 2018 is almost over! Its a great time and chance to reflect on what happend the last year. What was good? What didn´t really worked out? What and who made us happy? Did we reached what we planned last year? What stopped us? Who supported us? Who and what should we leave behind for our own well being?

So many questions and no time to reflect on them.
We always have new dreams. We always love to create new habits that serve us better from where we are at now. That‘s the beauty of life. It‘s your evolution.

Make yourself an early Christmas present and join Birgits workshop.
In this workshop, you will be guided to reflect what you really want to invite into the new year. We will do a gentle yoga class to bring your energy in alignment.

Birgit will show you how your can use essential oils for emotional balance and empowerment. You will learn how essential oils work in our body and why they are powerful in making quick transformations.
The right oil and the correct use can help you walking on a new paths and trust yourself. You can use essential oils to get less side-tracked and less triggered from what is happening around you. No matter what your topic is, we will find an essential oil that is serving you. They can also have beautiful benefits on your yoga practice.

After the 2 hours, there‘s a table reserved for us in the Yogacafé. This part is optional. If you want to make connections and if you want to get your personal oil questions answered, Birgit is still there for you. Please bring a journal to the workshop. Reserve your spot upfront as spaces are limited.

What you get:
> more clarity to start into your new year
> relaxing and comforting yoga class
> you learn about the benefits of essential oils
> simple ways to incorporate essential oils in your every day life
> small bottle of an essential oil
> small handout with the most important informations
> cosy, welcoming atmosphere

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