Workshop Series for Yoga Teachers – Part 4: Asana Lab

Asana Lab – Giving Instructions, Variations and Modifications

In this workshop we will go over one of the most important aspects of teaching yoga which is how to teach the yoga postures. We will dig deep into the basics and specifics of giving instructions, as well as offering variations and modifications for different yoga postures. We will dissect a pose into its essence and learn how to develop a deep understanding so that we can come up with our own original instructions. We will also get useful ideas on how to use props. Feel free to bring along your own questions, personal experience or thoughts. so that we can address them.

Please sign up in advanced since there are limited spots available.

Price: 30€

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Almost a decade and a half of yoga practice, mixed with a few years of dedicated Vipassana meditation practice, and much experience teaching yoga to a variety of students from many different backgrounds, age groups, physical conditions and personalities.

I practice (and teach) „Hatha-Vinyasa“ which is a breath-centered approach to yoga based on the ancient eight-limb system („the yoga sutra“) originated in India. I also uses modern knowledge of anatomy and physiology to offer the safest and most effective practice.

My main teachers are Richard Freeman, AG Mohan and Leslie Kaminoff.