Workshop for yoga teacher: Assisting-Hands-On, Part II

Special Workshop for Yoga Teachers:
Assisting hands-on (and off) in a led class setting

We’ll learn the fundamentals in approach and application of assisting in a led class situation, where the „flow must go on“. How to make the right assessments, decisions and adjust students in the most helpful and practical way.
We’ll also focus on basic postures and movement patterns, diagnosing them and exploring different tools to give assists for them.
There will be time in the end for your questions or specific concerns, so bring them along.

*** This is Part 2 where we’ll continue exploring more postures as well as patterns of movement and breath.

Oren has an extensive experience in teaching Yoga in different settings and to many different types of people, of all ages, walks of life and with many different physical conditions.

YogaCafé teachers – 10€
Other teachers -15€

Please sign up in advanced, there are limited spots: