How can you get rid of patterns and limiting belief? By facing your underlying thoughts. When you invite your limiting belief to speak loudly, you can transform your thoughts. Hope alone will never create a lasting different reality. Transformation does.

In this workshop you will be guided to:
– Understand your triggers
– Transform your limiting belief
– Transform areas in your life in which you feel stuck
– Deepen your self-connection
– Consciously craft how you want to show up every day

It’s through relationships that we are triggered the most. This includes the relationship with ourselves, with others, with a passion, with a job or project.

Healthy relationships begin with ourselves. The more we connect to our inner alignment, the more we can rewrite any story. Which area of your life do you want to rewrite?

Join this workshop to write the beginning. You will learn a 40 day practice to create lasting change and you will get an essential oil that supports your transformation.

The workshop includes input on the theme, guided journaling, an interactive talk and a yoga practice. Bring a journal and a pen for the first part. Mats and props are provided.

Early Bird rate until May 31: 50€
Regular rate: 60€

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