Any new project or path will bring us into rougher phases. Things seem to stop flowing. Things don’t work out as expected. It’s in these phases in which most people stop. It’s in these phases in which we risk to lose our joy, our passion and our hope.

It’s also in these phases in which we can grow the most. Bringing an idea or project into completion requires a planning process that leaves room for adjustments. It requires stamina, saying no and creating a system for ourselves that tracks execution.

In this workshop, we will look at the art of following through. Following through requires a strong connection between our lower chakras. We need to move into clear action, we need to leave room for flow and we need to grow the trust in ourselves towards a level of certainty. We will look at energetic blocks that are holding us back from execution. We will look at the role of space and emptiness for true reflection. We will look at the power of learning phases and saying no to things when we are ready for the next level. We will look at how to balance creative time and execution time. We will look at how to increase accountability towards yourself.

We will work with guided journaling, I will teach a system for accountable planning and I will teach you how to use the dynamics of the lower chakras to move easier into action. The yoga practice will be strengthening and grounding.

Bring a journal and a pen for the first part. Mats and props are provided.

WHEN: 18th of August

TIME: 3pm – 5:30pm


Early Bird rate until July 31: 50€ | 42€ USC Members

Regular rate starting August 1: 60€ | 52€ USC Members


Reserve your spot upfront. Spaces are limited.