Studio Talk: Mind your Mind

Continuing the tradition, we offer a monthly talk about yoga related topics for the curious yoga practitioners or teachers who wish to explore new territories and establish a wider context, in order to take the practice we regularly do on the yoga mat to the next level.

What is the „mind“ and how does it function according to yoga philosophy? The mind is made of a complex, multi-layered mechanism. It has the capacity to cause us pain and distress, but it also has the potential to bring about peace and wisdom. Understanding the different patterns and functions of the mind is very useful in taking our yoga practice to the „right“ places.

Talking about what’s behind the practice we do regularly and going deeper into it’s essence can inspire us to reflect on our patterns of action and thought, to grow and evolve, to open the mind and the heart to the unknown and to develop more awareness to our own Self.

Expect an informal talk which allows space for conversation.

WHEN: 7th of July

TIME: 2:30pm – 3:30pm

INVESTMENT: Donation based (Suggestion 3-10€)

Leading the conversation:
Oren Zaslavsky