Slow burn – all levels

Slowing down can help increase awareness both of our internal sensations and our external surroundings, tuning us into experiences that we often miss when we rush on autopilot from place to place. Paying closer attention to the process of all that we do can also increase our sense of appreciation, enjoyment of our physical bodies and relationships. By heightening awareness of mental and physical states, —like mindfulness in general—can help us gain a greater sense of control over our thoughts, feelings, and actions, allowing us to respond in more constructive ways when we experience negative thoughts or emotions.

Slow Burn will be a creative Yoga asana flow, other movement modalities, cultivating a steady inner-fire and the breath to match.  Marinating in the Practice as our minds and bodies burn through the old to make room for the new.
Moving, breathing and Being with reverence.
WHEN: Sun 25th August
TIME: 4 – 5:30pm

TEACHERS: Amanda –