Meditation workshop for sustainable lifestyle

For living a better life, it’s not only necessary to have the right knowledge, skills, know the best DIY Deo recipe, but also to be able to deal with stress and anxiety related to learning more about the state of our planet. Once we find out how much there is to a sustainable lifestyle, the whole quest can make us feel overwhelmed and thus unable to start making changes.

Malte Steinhoff prepared a heart-centered and personal workshop to provide you with the right tools for your quest of becoming a better person and embracing the process towards living more sustainably. At the center of his approach lies the work of developing self-awareness, understanding and empathy through meditation and mindfulness.

During the session, you will learn

– what meditation can mean for you and how to start your own journey with the practice
– how to deal with your internal anxiety around environmental issues
– how to cope with judgement from others
– how not to be patronising towards others

No matter if you’re already on your way to perfecting the sustainable lifestyle or if you’re just getting started, everybody can benefit from this workshop and start your own meditation practise.

About Eko Workshops

Eko workshops is a project aiming to provide real tools for everybody who would like to start a more sustainable lifestyle. Gain knowledge to make conscious and good choices in your everyday life. It doesn’t matter if you are vegan, how do you travel and how waste-less are you. Most importantly, you want to do something better and we are going to help you with it!

Date: 7th March

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Investment: 17 Euro