Breakfast Club coming soon…

I introduce you to the very first Breakfast Club at Yoga Café in Prenzlauer Berg!
Have you ever looked at a breakfast menu and thought, ‚if only I could have all 3 of these savoury dishes then end with at least a spoonful of that fruitful Buddha bowl, a bite of this muffin, and a sliver of that perfect stack of pancakes?‘
Here, you can have your wishes fulfilled as you enjoy a meal with exactly those thoughts in mind!
During this delightful brunching session, you will be offered a Tasting Menu of 6 to 10 courses. Every small plate will allow you to dive into each carefully produced brunch dish. You will be invited to take your time to enjoy each course, while making your way through your very own selected menu.
I look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful space at YogaCafé, where you’ll be sat with an intimate group of brunch gourmands.

For further information, reservations and menu details, please email [email address]