Emotional Healing: Validate your emotions & practice self-love

We all have been hurt at some point in our lives. We all had experiences that made us feel grief. If not properly processed such experiences can deeply damage our self-esteem. We might end up creating the same painful situations over and over again.

Taking care of your emotions is a courageous thing to do, as we have to really meet our greatest fears in order to master our emotional intelligence. Yet when we start to really feel our feelings we can learn to heal old wounds and open our heart again. Learning how to validate ourselves makes us more independent and less vulnerable, as we learn how to stand in our own power.

At this conscious event you are going to:
-learn how to give yourself relief from past trauma & self-doubt
-step out of your head & slowly start to feel again
-practice unconditional self-love for emotional freedom

This workshop is a wake-up call and your opportunity to tap into profound self-esteem. You are going to learn how to overcome and integrate anxiety, fear and painful states of low energy.

Julia Suciu is a Certified Professional Coach specialized in Emotional Intelligence and Mindset Design. Prior to her certification she studied at the University of Hohenheim and wrote her thesis about mindfulness meditation in the corporate environment. She is absolutely passionate about exploring neuroscience and combining her academic skills with her own experiences and insights about consciousness.

Be prepared for diving deep and having significant insights that will open your heart!

When: 14. September

Time: 3pm – 6pm

Teacher: Julia Suciu –  www.high-valyou.com

Investment: 40 Euro

TICKETS: https://yogacafe-berlin.com/cafe-yoga/workshops/?w=/event/2225868