Our cafe, a dream.

Six years of office work were enough – I wanted to see the world! So I went to Australia for a few months and fell into the wanderlust. There followed many trips to India.

There I also went for my yoga teacher training. Yoga has been with me for over ten years and has had a significant positive impact on my life. Yoga has come to the point where I am right now: following my heart and opening this yoga café here in Berlin.

In Sri Lanka, where I worked for a few months in Ayurveda hotel, I realized: food is medicine! If you want a healthy body and mind, then give it a healthy diet and exercise. A conscious yoga practice and a healthy diet are inseparable. That’s why I attach great importance to balanced foods with the food and drinks in the cafe. I make sure that I mainly offer regional and seasonal food.

In Yoga-Café Berlin, healthy nutrition and yoga go hand in hand. So, in this place of exchange, you can send your body and mind on a journey, recharge your batteries, and do something good for yourself.

I’m looking forward to your visit!