Workshop: Refine your goals: Yoga and Essential Oil´s

It is our very nature to always have new dreams and visions. We sometimes get side-tracked by old patterns that hold us back from bringing our dreams into reality.
In this 2 hour workshop, we are breaking your goals and dreams down for this year. You will have the chance to review and refine them. Goals that are not aligned with what your heart wants are hard to achieve.
Through guided journaling, you will see which ones you want to keep and which ones are not coming from your own voice – these are the ones you might want to let go.
You will learn how to establish little routines to nourish your dreams, to own them and to let them grow stronger than any old pattern. You will get an understanding how your energy, action and commitment are related and how important it is to see the final picture instead of the immediate return.
You will learn how you can use essential oils to successfully cut through old patterns. You will learn how they work in our body and how to connect them to your daily routines.
The yoga practice will be clarifying, strengthening and active. We will set the focus on your 3rd and 6th chakra to set you up for keeping your clear vision and directing your energy towards what you want.
After the 2 hour workshop, you have the chance to ask personal questions over a coffee or turmeric latte in the Yogacafé.
Bring your journal and a pen for the workshop. Mats and props are provided.
Reserve your spot upfront if you want to join. Spaces are limitet:
Investment: 20 Euros

Workshop series for yoga teachers 2019

1. Sequencing a yoga class

Planning a sequence for our classes is an art form.
Some of us teachers tend to hold on to familiar structures because we are not sure how to change things up and still keep our classes effective and safe.

In this workshop we will learn some principles and tools that can free us up to offer a bigger range of sequences with ease and confidence, and at the same time keep the essence of our method.
We will also do different exercises in sequencing, so bring papers and something to write with.

Investment: 30 Euro

Book soon. Spots are limited.

2. Assisting Hands-On
Using our hands to assist our students is something most teachers don’t feel so confident with. In this workshop we will go through different postures and movements and learn (and practice) different ways to offer hands-on assists. We will explore in depth the different intentions behind each adjustment, and the different ways to make it more effective.

WHEN: 16th of Febuary, 4pm – 7pm

3. Teaching methodology
In this workshop we will discuss and practice different aspects of teaching and holding space – how to give instructions and ques, how to control the rhythm of the class and multitask, how to interact with students and react to them in a useful way, and much more. These are very important topics for both beginner and experienced teachers, as it’s never a bad idea to refresh our mind and habits and gain confidence in our role as yoga teachers.

4. Modifications
In almost every class we teach we encounter students that need special attention and care, since not all bodies are created equal, and a one size fits all way of teaching isn’t doing just to many students. In this workshop we will go over different options of using props or offering modifications for different postures and movements. We will discuss different ways that we can make the practice more accessible to all students, with all physical conditions and limitations.

5. Incorporating Pranayama and Meditation
Yoga at it’s essence is a spiritual practice, leading us towards higher states of peace and harmony. In today’s yoga scene postures have become the most dominant form of yoga practice. As teachers we should find ways to offer the more internal aspects of yoga in our classes. In this workshop we will learn different methods and techniques that we can easily incorporate into our classes, that will give our students a deeper experience.

I have been practicing yoga since 2006. I tried genuinely to be a part of traditional schools of yoga (Ashtanga, Sivananda…) but realized that yoga doesn’t need to be organized, all it really needs is the right intention.

I practice (and teach) „Hatha-Vinyasa“ which is a breath-centered and free-style approach to yoga which is based on the ancient eight-limb system („the yoga Sutras“) originated in India.

I teach (and practice) a combination of what I learned mainly from three teachers who I trained with extensively:

A.G. Mohan (of Chennai), from whom I got the traditional approach deeply connected to ancient scriptures from India.
Leslie Kaminoff (of NYC), from which I got the anatomic, therapeutic and breath-centered approach to yoga.
Richard Freeman (of Boulder), from which I got the essence-oriented, imaginative, going-deep-within and free-spirited approach to yoga. Richard is also a real yogi, one who teaches by example.
Buddhist approach is there too since I am also an avid Vipassana practitioner.

Weihnachts Special Entspannungs Klangreise

SAMSTAG 4. ADVENT: besinnlich-entspannte Mantra Klangreise zum mitmachen & mitsingen im Yoga Cafe mit Annakee & Hagen

EINLASS: 16:30 – 17 Uhr
Pause u. 2. Einlass: 19 -19:30
VVK Tickets:

WICHTIG!!! Die Türen schliessen während des Konzerts! Seid bitte daher vorab pünktlich da und in der Pause 2. Einlass.

Das Yoga Cafe Lädt zu besinnlichen Entspannungs-Klängen & Mantras zum mitspielen und mitsingen ein. Yogamatten und Kissen sind da, bringt gern eure Trommeln, Flöten, Tamburas und Gesangskehlchen mit und stimmt zum besinnlichen, intuitiv & Mantrakonzert mit ein.

In Begleitung von Oberton Klänge der Polychordharfe und Mantragesang, leitet uns Annakee Sky hin zu fühlbarer
Tiefenentspannung. Gemeinsam mit weiteren Musikern wie Hagen Damwerth entführen wir euch und uns in wohlig, berauschende Stimmung.

Wer grossen Heilbedarf hat, darf sich auch mal in die Mitte des Kreises legen und bespielen lassen. Bringst bequeme, kuschelige Kleidung mit, am besten hell, damit die Energien gut fliessen können. So werden wir die Weihnacht mit entspannenden und heilenden Klängen einleuten.

Kulinarisches, Getränke & Tees gibt es vorn im Veganen Cafe und dürfen vor/nach der Veranstaltung sowie in der Pause reichhaltig verzehrt werden.

Annakee, Hagen, Diana

Preis: gesamte Veranstaltung 17€ vor Ort (od.15 ermässigt)
nur 1/2 Veranstaltung 10€


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OM Sisterhood – Yoga and the female cycle

Join us for a female yoga workshop and women’s circle towards the end of this year !

In this 2,5 hour workshop, we will follow our intuitive flow together, practice asanas which are supportive throughout the whole cycle, particular ones for PMS and during menstruation. We’ll exchange about how a yogic lifestyle can balance the female cycle and we’ll have some time afterwards for a chat with tea, coffee or else.

Let’s gather as women and embrace our cycle as a part of our creative nature.

When: 16th of December from 3:00pm till 5:30pm

investment: 20 Euros

Come, join in and bring your female friends !

Workshop special: Yoga and essential oils

JOIN us for an end of the year special.
In this 2 hour workshop, we are honoring the old and preparing for the new.

The year 2018 is almost over! Its a great time and chance to reflect on what happend the last year. What was good? What didn´t really worked out? What and who made us happy? Did we reached what we planned last year? What stopped us? Who supported us? Who and what should we leave behind for our own well being?

So many questions and no time to reflect on them.
We always have new dreams. We always love to create new habits that serve us better from where we are at now. That‘s the beauty of life. It‘s your evolution.

Make yourself an early Christmas present and join Birgits workshop.
In this workshop, you will be guided to reflect what you really want to invite into the new year. We will do a gentle yoga class to bring your energy in alignment.

Birgit will show you how your can use essential oils for emotional balance and empowerment. You will learn how essential oils work in our body and why they are powerful in making quick transformations.
The right oil and the correct use can help you walking on a new paths and trust yourself. You can use essential oils to get less side-tracked and less triggered from what is happening around you. No matter what your topic is, we will find an essential oil that is serving you. They can also have beautiful benefits on your yoga practice.

After the 2 hours, there‘s a table reserved for us in the Yogacafé. This part is optional. If you want to make connections and if you want to get your personal oil questions answered, Birgit is still there for you. Please bring a journal to the workshop. Reserve your spot upfront as spaces are limited.

What you get:
> more clarity to start into your new year
> relaxing and comforting yoga class
> you learn about the benefits of essential oils
> simple ways to incorporate essential oils in your every day life
> small bottle of an essential oil
> small handout with the most important informations
> cosy, welcoming atmosphere

Registration via: