Kundalini Yoga Workshop mit Maria Miecke

The impact of the lunar cycle on our emotional inner life – diving into your personal mooncycle to activate inner strength & intuition

I want to embrace my growth.
I release restrictions.
I want to nurture myself.
I want to use what i have been given in the most positive way.
Does that resonate with you?
I am here to encourage you to be yourself.
Why? Because each little milli second counts.
To learn you have to experience, if you have the experience it is yours forever.
Join the workshop on october 23rd at yoga cafe… and lets go together on a journey and create experiences.
We will be working in this workshop on the effects of the mooncycle on our moods.
The moon has a great impact on us, the moonpoints and its meanings can help you to observe yourself, accept the changes with more patience and trust to just take you as you are and even change your selfesteem in a more gracious, powerful and loving standing.
We create a safe space in the beautiful facilities of the yogacafe mindful life, the workshop is for woman, you need no previous experiences.

Theoretic concept of the 11 moon points
Kundalini Yoga Kriya and MeditationsWe will be using different techniques inspired by the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, using Mantras, physical excercises, breathing techniques and meditations.
There will be enough time to share experiences in the group.

My name is Maria, I am born, raised and rooted in Berlin, my Yoga journey started more then 10 years ago and I am grateful for every single step of the way.
To accompany the students on their own journey and sharing the teachings, which are always beneficial for me is my motivation.I try to create a space for everyone so that they can have their own experiences, to come into contact with their own light.

Saturday, October 23rd 14:30 – 17:00
20 Spots
54 Euro p.P.

Maria Miecke
Kundalini Yoga Workshop mit Maria Miecke