Workshop for beginner: “Dive Into Yoga”: Sun salutation and main asanas

What are the main poses to stretch the whole body? How do you adjust them so you do not hurt yourself? How should you smoothly flow between the asanas in the sun salutation? What are the tricks that might help your downward facing dog? And what is actually yoga?    
During this two hour workshop we will learn key poses and put them in the “Sun Salutation”, the most popular sequence, which stretches and strengthens the whole body.
1. Mind and body connection: pranayama (breath exercises), yoga philosophy and anatomy.
2. Sun salutation: learning individual poses, putting them in a flow, exploring difficulties and areas of improvement and finding smooth transitions between poses.
3. Variations and tweaks on the latter
This workshop is designed for everyone who would like to deepen their yoga knowledge, as well as for beginners that are completely new to yoga. It will also create a good foundation to anyone who would like to establish a regular practice.
Secure your spot: 
The class is limited to 9 people so there is space and time to respond to individual needs. Due to limited number of participants, we advice you to book a spot in advance. USC members are welcome. Please show up 10-15 min before the class.
What to bring:
It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes. Please bring a bottle of water and a pair of socks. Yoga mats, props and blankets will be provided by the studio.
Learn more: 
This is the first of a series of three workshops that will be held on the first Sunday of each month.
During March we will be focusing on the upper body. We will learn asanas that target the chest, the shoulders, the neck and the spine – places which are normally tight because of stress. We will focus on bringing more openness and space to these areas.
In April we will shift to the lower body, making special emphasis on the lower back, the hips and the legs. We will learn how to relax and achieve a grounding and stable feeling in our poses.
2nd Febuary: 3 – 5pm
1st March: 3 – 5pm
5th April: 3 – 5pm
Investment: regular class prices or login with Urban Sports
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