Essential oils have the capacity to bring our body/mind system into balance. Few drops of Peppermint oil wake us up in the morning, deepen our mediation and declutter our mind. Few drops of Lavender oil soothe our nervous system, deepen our sleep and release us from stress, worries and anxiety.

Every essential oil creates a state of balance. As our body system is a holistic system, we need to work with different oils to create lasting, overall balance. We can address any physical or emotional imbalance with essential oils when we work with pure, high potent oils.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How essential oils work in your body?
  • How and where you can apply essential oils?
  • How you can implement a simple, daily routine?
  • How you can classify essential oils to find out easily what you need?
  • Which oils are most relevant for you.

We will go through the top 10 essential oils that are ideal, when you want to get started with essential oils. You will learn how you can use these 10 oils to create a higher state of physical and emotional health.

We will block time for Q&A at the end so you can address your needs. Birgit is using essential oils herself since 3 years. On a search to find the purest oils, she found doTERRA essential oils. Since she started to use them on a daily basis, she didn’t get sick anymore, felt more centered, could balance her hormone levels and way more.

Birgit is advocating for doTERRA and created a German online community in which she shares on-going education on essential oils for her customers. Bring a paper and a pen. You can come in comfortable clothes – no yoga clothes needed.

WHEN: 24th November

TIME: 4pm – 5:30pm

INVESTMENT: 15€. Upfront registration is required. Y

ou get a handout and a sample